Speaker Interview: Taehwan Kim, Pret Advanced Materials

We are excited to speak with Taehwan Kim, Senior Manager of Technical Service at Pret Advanced Materials, in our latest interview.

As Senior manager of technical service and CAE in Pret Advanced Materials, Taehwan's job is to help and support their customers who are buying Pret's pellets to use their material in the most efficient way and to help to fix all molding issues and concerns. In addition, Taehwan is also engaged in the customer’s early stage of their product development by supporting them with CAE (computer simulation work like Moldflow). 


What are the biggest challenges facing the market today, and how can this be overcome?

Meeting the growing demand for sustainable materials presents a significant challenge due to the limited comprehension of recycled materials. Recycled materials are distinct from their virgin counterparts, requiring unique design, tooling, and processing techniques, which often lead to customer grievances. To address these concerns, we maintain close collaboration with all our customers, offering support and consultation on the efficient utilization of recycled materials. On-site educational and training sessions, along with seminars, have proven to be effective in enhancing our customers' understanding and ensuring their satisfaction.


In your opinion, what do you consider to be the greatest development in your industry in the last decade?

The sustainable material opportunity not only serves as a valuable VAVE option but also provides a means to offset existing virgin applications. Additionally, a mechanical separation process is implemented to purify the waste carpet feed stream, ensuring it attains properties compatible with virgin materials.


How do you see the sector developing in the next five to ten years?

In the coming five to ten years, sustainability and electric vehicles (EV) will likely dominate our discussions. Our overarching vision revolves around delivering the most efficient and cost-effective sustainable solutions to our key clients. To achieve this, a high level of technical expertise is imperative, enabling the widespread adoption of sustainable options to assist customers in achieving efficient processing methods.


You will be speaking at the AMI Plastics World Expos in North America, could you give us a preview on what you will be talking about?

My talk primarily revolve around three key themes. Firstly, I delve into the opportunities and challenges presented by sustainable materials. Next, there is a focus on strategies to overcome these challenges effectively. Lastly, the conference addresses the crucial aspects of material design for sustainability, product design for sustainability, and sustainable processing methods.


Taehwan Kim will be speaking at the AMI Plastics World Expos in North America.