November 15-16, 2023

Cleveland, Ohio

The North American exhibition for the film, sheet, pipe and profile extrusion industry

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300+ exhibitors

100+ speakers

"Cleveland is at the heart of the plastics industry and I was really pleased with the local audience. I really like the set up of the floor, it's unique and has everything in one space."
Bruce Fawcett, Executive Director, Polymer Ohio

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The Plastics Extrusion World Expo will return to
Cleveland, Ohio


The Plastics Extrusion World Expo will return to the Huntington Convention Center in down town Cleveland. This event brings together professionals from across the plastics extrusion industry for two days of networking, knowledge sharing and innovation. The free-to-attend trade show will run alongside the Compounding World Expo, Plastics Recycling World Expo and Polymer Testing World Expo.

Your free ticket provides admission to the show floor which will have exhibits from leaders in the plastics extrusion industry and focused conference theaters with a busy two-day program of technical presentations, seminars and industry debates.


Exhibitors include

First speakers confirmed

Aldo Mortara
Aldo Mortara
Commercial Director
Sarah Patterson
Sarah Patterson
PPI Hydrostatic Stress Board Chair
Plastics Pipe Institute
Kane Rasner
Kane Rasner
Advanced Blending Solutions
Brandy Herrmann
Brandy Herrmann
Senior Business Development Engineer

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Orbetron LLC Secure Distribution Partnership with Technovel Corporation

Technovel Corporation (“Technovel”, Head Office: Osaka) and Orbetron LLC (“Orbetron”), Head Office: Lincoln, Rhode Island) have successfully reached a Distributorship Agreement that will enable both companies to enter new markets and foster mutually beneficial growth.

Building upon their well-established collaborative relationship in the extrusion field, Technovel and Orbetron will harness their strengths and resources to explore untapped opportunities in their respective regions. As Technovel continues to expand its global presence by introducing novel technologies and innovative extrusion solutions, Orbetron will serve as the exclusive distributor of Technovel’s products in the USA, while Technovel will serve as the exclusive distributor of Orbetron’s products in Japan and parts of Asia starting on August 1st, 2023.

About Orbetron (HP :

Orbetron was founded in 2011 to fill a niche in the low-rate bulk material feeding market. With the consistent drive to design, engineer, and produce state-of-the-art equipment, their expansion was granted naturally into international markets.

Orbetron is a customer-focused company that offers more than an off-the-shelf solution. Orbetron works with clients to design, engineer, and manufacture customized dry bulk and liquid material feeding systems specific for your application. In-house design capabilities allow variations in concept to fit the bulk of all process requirements.

As technology evolves, Orbetron’s goal is to stay up to date with its cycle, they will help you create a feeding or blending solution to fit your unique needs.

About Technovel (HP :

Technovel was founded in 1991 with the corporate philosophy of becoming technology craftsman, which was combined “Technology” and “Novel” to manufacture unique and innovative extruder products. Technovel is dedicated to develop products to meet customer needs based on design and manufacturing of various total lines, not only conventional but new processes.

Technovel continue to create “おもろい” (unique) extruder products and technologies that can contribute customer’s growth all over the world.

Technovel has developed extruders that are single screw, twin screw compounding, QUAD/OCTA screw. The extruder designs range from lab to full production applications.

Orbetron feeding technology and Technovel extrusion technology partnership, offers a complete package of feeding and extrusion systems that run grams per hour, up to full production lines of lbs/kgs per hour.

To learn more about our technologies, please email us at [email protected]

Orbetron, LLC, Technovel Corporation