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Founded in 1992, SCANTECH was first to introduce low-energy X-ray transmission technology for the measurement of lightweight materials. Today, over 3,000 scanners are installed annually around the world for many types of production and pilot lines, including all types of cast and blown extruded film & sheet, non-wovens, laminations, coatings, and metals.

SCANTECH continues to lead the world- wide market for X-ray, laser, infrared, and microwave online measurement and control systems, as well as 100% camera inspection tools thanks to our focus on innovation. We are dedicated to expanding and perfecting our offer to include groundbreaking technologies suc such as automatic composition calibration, and intuitive UI.

SCANTECH is headquartered in France, with fully-owned subsidiaries in China, USA, Germany, Italy, South Korea, India, Malaysia, and Taiwan. All core components; such as sensors, electronic circuit boards, and frames are designed in-house.

To ensure product quality and customer satisfaction, each subsidiary provides local comprehensive customer support, installation, and maintenance services. With multiple assembly centers around the world, SCANTECH can supply the same high-quality products to all customers, and provide timely service and a complete stock of spare parts.

Each center is in full accordance with local norms and the quality standards of SCANTECH’s production plant in France.