Processing Technologies International LLC (PTI)
Stand - C423
PTi is a Global Leader in high performance sheet extrusion machinery, offering a unique array of design features resulting in superior equipment performance. Engineered to exact standards, PTi provides sheet extrusion systems for a wide range of applications that include sheet, foam, compounding, and reclaim systems. Complete turnkey systems are configured for our customers in the packaging and industrial markets based on their specific application and requirements. Leading edge technology and engineered excellence has made PTi the preferred source of sheet extrusion systems for all types of products from standard mono layers to complex, multi-layer barrier structures.

G-SERIES® — PTi’s G-Series® was developed to fulfill the need in the global marketplace for a compact, cost-effective solution, configurable for inline thermoforming or roll stock production. With six patented features, G-Series® is available in various widths depending on the application and customer requirements and can be configured for a range of production outputs.

HVTSE® DryerLESS™— PET/PLA sheet extrusion demands a robust production solution. PTi's HVTSE® (High Vacuum Twin Screw Extrusion) co-rotating twin screw provides this and more. As a true multi-resin system, PTi offers self-wiping screw technology resulting in quick product changeovers. With the largest dryer-less inline system installation worldwide, PTi continues making strides as a leader in dryer-less solutions.

Super-G® HighSPEED Extruders offer high density manufacturing solutions that yield high production outputs with small machinery footprints. This extrusion technique provides an energy efficient, cost-effective approach for PP and PS applications and is compatible with all PTi roll stand configurations.
TITAN® and TITAN® Plus Control Systems— PTi’s brand of machine controls, is among the most advanced control systems available in the industry. The TITAN® PLC includes basic recipes, trending, diagnostics, and other extended features. The TITAN® Plus has all of the functions of the TITAN®, plus advanced features and controls that include expanded data logging, voice annunciation, VIDEOGAP™ and more!

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