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Pixargus, Inc offers an unparalleled range of turnkey inline systems for surface inspection and dimension measurement. This has made the company a world leader in automotive quality control.   

Our measuring and testing systems detect smallest defects and material deviations of extruded rubber profiles, cables, tubing, tubes or pipes, as well as plastic foils and webs of metal, textile, paper or fiber composites. We also check your raw materials in an automated inspection process – to ensure that your production runs smoothly from the very beginning. 

We specialized in systems for automatic surface inspection and dimension measurement of continuously produced long products such as profiles, tubes, webs and cables in a wide range of materials as well as for single piece inspection. All our systems feature our proprietary, high-performance machine vision technology. 

Today, Pixargus systems are in use 24/7 in manufacturing operations in the automotive, medical, building and infrastructure as well as consumer goods sectors. Every day, year in and out, the world’s leading manufacturers of extruded products rely on the excellent performance of inline surface inspection and optical measuring systems from Pixargus.