MPB, distributed by NOVERIN®
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Industrie Polieco-MPB (MPB) is the largest European compounder of polyethylene and polypropylene mainly for two applications which are steel pipe coating and multi-layer film packaging. MPB is a private owned company founded in 1977 by Mr. Luigi Tonelli, who is successfully leading it, applying his curiosity and courageous unconventional ideas, focusing his vision on an enterprise which is a solutions provider, pursuing restlessly some core values: safety, health, environment, integrity, high ethical standards keeping a responsible role when developing and engineering new product solutions.

· MPB are the producers of Functionalized Polyolefins with Maleic Anhydride through reactive extrusion and promotes the brands COESIVE® and PROESIVE® tie-layer adhesives for multi-layer barrier packaging all over the world and proudly distributes in USA, Canada, and Brazil through NOVERIN® ( )

· We have the right solutions for all sorts of barrier structures including multilayer packaging with Nylon, EVOH, PET both for Extrusion film - Blown, Cast, Double & Triple-Bubble, Blow Molding, Multilayer hoses and pipe, tubes, multi-layer beverage caps as well as compatibilizers and coupling agents for compounds and polymer/impact modification.

· The most successful applications consist of food packaging, fuel tanks, cosmetic tubes, blow molding, agricultural silage, VIF / TIF mulch films, deep-freezing meet packaging, etc.

· With a strong sustainable approach, all our products are recyclable and some are dedicated for using as coupling agents for recycling of multilayer packaging.


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