Maguire + Syncro
Stand - C210

Maguire Products is a global technology leader in blending and material handling systems for the plastics industry. We have six production facilities across the USA and operate globally through our network of offices, warehouses and partners across the USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

We develop equipment for accurate conveying, loading, drying and dosing of raw materials, additives and masterbatches along with systems that provide real-time data on material consumption to regulate the extrusion process and ensure product consistency.  In October 2016, Maguire partnered with Italy-based Syncro Srl to expand options for advanced extrusion control technologies.  Syncro is an innovative company with core expertise in extrusion control including blown and cast film, sheet, pipe, profile and wire and cable.  The Syncro CST line offers a full product line for powder applications.

The Maguire + Syncro partnership underlines both companies commitment to providing a wider choice for our customers to maximize extrusion efficiency.  Maguire’s experience in blending and materials handling combined with Synchro’s extensive range of extrusion control options will enable customers to use existing Maguire equipment while expanding control elements for both new and existing production lines.