GTS- German TwinscrewS
Stand - C843

GTS (German TwinscrewS)

Optimized screws for plastic extrusion to meet your unique requirements.

GTS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of screws and barrels for plastic extrusions, specializing in optimized designs that meet the unique requirements of our customers.

Our screws are manufactured with the latest technology and manufacturing techniques, ensuring the highest level of quality and reliability.

At GTS, we take a collaborative approach with our customers, working closely with them to design and manufacture extruders tailored to their specific applications. We are dedicated to optimizing the design of our screws to minimize waste, maximize efficiency, and reduce energy consumption, meeting the specific requirements of our customers.

In addition to our commitment to optimized design, GTS is also dedicated to sustainability. We believe in minimizing our environmental impact through energy-efficient technology and sustainable manufacturing processes, and we work closely with our customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

We are not the biggest, but we are the best in twin screws.

Choose GTS for your extrusion process and experience optimized design, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to sustainability.