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With over sixty years of experience and nearly 700 employees worldwide, GEFRAN designs, engineers, and manufactures sensors and controls for machinery manufacturers and maintenance professionals in the plastics industry. Our components are high quality, technologically advanced, and used for measuring and controlling industrial production and processes.  

GEFRAN invests significantly in research and development (R&D) to ensure our sensors and controls are robust, sophisticated, and capable of maintaining common variables like pressure, position, temperature, and force. Our R&D investments include six percent of our annual revenue, 14 percent of our workforce (over 90 people), and two ongoing partnerships with university research centers. We also have an integrated supply chain which gives us the flexibility to design new things and offer customized solutions.  

GEFRAN is not too big or too small so we can work closely with our customers, who are often engineers and OEMs. We like to form partnerships and support our customers at all stages, from early in the design process to when plastics machinery goes into production, and we continue to stand behind our sensors and controls when they are used in the field.