FB Balzanelli USA Inc.
Stand - C321

Born to Coil

Behind every FB Balzanelli pipe coiler there is a whole knowledge based on a huge R&D, oriented toward the plastic pipes manufacturers growing needs.

FB Balzanelli matured a huge experience about coiling  typical issues, thanks to the previous 25 years of leadership in the plastic pipes extrusion.

Flexibility, efficiency and innovation are all must for FB Balzanelli Avvolgitori, who manufactures, with great care,

60 automatic coiling machines a year, becoming the Company that deliver the larger number of fully automatic coilers worldwide. 

The combination of experience and global reliability allow us to consolidate our leadership in fully automatic high speed coiling machines for coiling in-line those pipe or hoses produced in short coil lengths.

The field of action, today, is also broadened toward automatic coils handling in different ways, according to customer needs and coil sizes. 

Within the last few years a particularly strong interest growth toward our technology, either from Europe and

North America, where we are establishing our new premises.

If you know us, please, do not hesitate to keep in touch, if you don’t,  visit us at www.fb-balzanelli.it