FB Balzanelli USA
Stand - C1145

As the leader in the production of automatic and semi-automatic coilers, FB Balzanelli manufactures coiling machines for large and small-diameter flexible pipes and creates packing and palletizing systems to optimize coiling and storing processes for different types of pipes.

In the 1980s, the founder, Vincenzo Balzanelli, was a leader in the production of electrical conduits. Dissatisfied with the lack of automatic coilers offered at that time, he felt the urge to design and build automatic coilers that were really fast, reliable, and guaranteed high-quality packing. Since then, a process of development and growth has been underway at the company’s production facilities in north and south Italy.

In all these years, FB Balzanelli has never lost sight of its mission: technology, innovation, quality, and customer care excellence. Avant-garde and technology constantly evolving for a better return on investment. Constant innovation to offer the perfect technical solution for every specific need in the fields of pipe coiling, packing, and palletizing; quality of all products, customized and guaranteed to the smallest detail. Customer care to ensure correct and reliable operation of the long-life systems.