Stand - C1236

FACTS specializes in providing Integrated Control System Upgrades for a wide variety of applications including:  Extrusion, Compounding, Batch Mixing, Weigh Scale, Thermoforming and Injection Molding Systems.  We close the loop by integrating a wide range of On-Line Measurement Systems and supply complete scanning gauges for sheet, film and web applications.  FACTS additionally supplies Information Technology: SCADA, Data Collection, Event Logging, Monitoring, Reporting & Analysis and Remote Support.

The FACTS Machinery Group designs & fabricates our own equipment and partner with industry leading manufactures to provide complete solutions to our customers. The FACTS Machinery Group is uniquely equipped and provides a wide range of capabilities including: 
• Complete Extrusion Lines: Medical Tubing, Profile, Pipe, Sheet, Film, Wire and Cable, Rubber 
• Single Screw Extruders, Conical & Parallel Twin Screws, Rubber Extruders
• Downstream Extrusion Machinery: Tools, Tanks, Pullers, Cutters, Winders 
• Single & Twin-Screw Extruder Rebuilds
• Downstream Extrusion Machinery Rebuilds
• Gearbox Rebuilds
• OEM Single, PVC Conical & Parallel Twin Replacement Barrels and Screws
• Used Equipment