Bergen International
Stand - 1243

Bergen International is a leading manufacturer of chemical foaming agents (CFA). Bergen focuses exclusively on providing plastic processors with standard and custom chemical foaming agent products under the Foamazol™ name.. Our Foamazol™ chemical foaming agents are available for many processes such as, injection molding, co-injection injection molding, gas counter-pressure molding, rotational molding, structural foam molding, co-extrusion, chemical foam extrusion, direct gas extrusion, wood-plastic composites extrusion, and wire & cable extrusion processes. Bergen manufactures various types of Foamazol™ chemical foaming agents including endothermic, exothermic and endo/exo blends….in a variety of forms such as pelletized masterbatches and powder…for a range of polymers including polyolefins, styrenics, engineering resins or PVC…at a variety of decomposition temperatures. Bergen International is your #1 source for Chemical Foaming Agents.