Azadeh Farahanchi
Rheological Scientist

Azadeh has joined Dynisco from August 2017 and is responsible for characterizing company`s rheological instruments for new application requirements in plastics processing and developing technical materials analysis.

 After obtaining her B.S.E in Polymer Science and Engineering in September 2011, Azadeh came to UMass Lowell to peruse a M.S.E. degree in Plastics Engineering as the research prospects in this field piqued her interest. After obtaining her degree in August 2013, she soon decided to continue for her Ph.D. and began working on high sheer reactive mixing system with Dr. Robert Malloy and Dr. Margaret Sobkowicz-Kline. She spent the next four years understanding the effect of a co-rotting ultra-high-speed twin screw extrusion on homopolymer degradation, while also exploring efficient processing of blends of polymeric materials.

 Over the years, along with research at the University, she also gained teaching experience as a lecturer and teaching assistance for multiple sections of processing and polymer testing laboratories and seminar for undergraduate and graduate students.